New hoop FAQ

I have Created not a new tool but a more portable version of a newer tool.
The hoop breaks into several segments and requires no tools to put together or take apart. You can separate it into halves for packing easier in your car or all the way down (As shown) for packing in a back pack or suitcase for travel

The first step is to simply push the joint into the other piece.
Once you push it all the way in line up the holes
Then screw the bolt on the torch into the hole
It a little easier to do half and half and them put the two halves together

The hoops can come in various sizes and can have anywhere from 4 to 8 spokes. (actually I can do as many spokes as requested)

Each spoke creates a segment

Each segment starts @ $25 dollars (ie 6 spokes = $150), size does not affect price. This includes 24" of 2" Kevlar on each spoke.