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Functional Blacksmithing Art

Important Notice
News 7/29/06
New Hoop FAQ at
New News: 7/17/06
I Have been working on "Luminferous: The Lantern Project" and pictures and notes can be found at on the blog

My portfolio is more web friendly and was updated last March. Please feel free to check it out at
Iron Gypsy and Iron Daisy have formed and are active as "The Gypsy Daisy Connection".

NEWS: 2/26/06
The Most exciting news is I'm back in Seattle to work. I'll be here for the foreseeable future. Mike Linn of the Iron Daisy Forge and Black Smith Shop has brought me in as a partner for the next 2 years (or so). It's great opportunity for me to get to know the Business better and gain some great skills.

Updates on the way, My Portfolio will soon be more web oriented, and a blog page for things I am working on will be up (or at least a link).

NEWS: 7/25/05
Renegade Juggling will be the exclusive provider of my Fire fans (both sun and the big ones). We have come up with some new discounted prices.
Check it out @

I'm in Oakland right now and have limited access to do some work. If you are interested in any of my products please contact me directly. The things I'm most likely going to be able to share are.
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    You may now look at my full digital portfolio. Warning: My portfolio has some very large images.